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NumbersUSA Attacks The Injustice Of Global Poverty

During the closing days of the Trump Administration, NumbersUSA gained considerable public attention. The group lobbies for restrictions upon the number of foreign nationals entering the United States without permission. It also advocates for reductions in legal immigration. Click Here for more information

Despite its comparatively small size and limited resources, the organization headed by Roy Beck has achieved an impressive level of public support. Its influence appears likely to endure. Even a return to Obama-era policies may not change these dynamics.

A Highly Effective Video

Several years ago, NumbersUSA scored a dramatic public relations coup by illustrating its policy position in a tangible form, using a low-budget video. The organization created a “gumball” demo in 1996. The piece employed gumballs to represent the vast number of people in the world earning less than $2 per day.

Every gumball represented a million individuals. While critics attacked the simplistic nature of the analogy, the piece drove home the group’s argument: emigration won’t alleviate global poverty. The sheer scope of the problem dwarfs opens borders solutions.

Addressing World Poverty

In the gumball video, Roy Beck argues increasing immigration numbers from impoverished nations to wealthy countries like the United States actually hurts the world’s poor. In many cases, this policy removes the best educated, the brightest, and the most capable people from a developing society. The loss of essential skills to emigration might benefit individuals financially, yet this destructive policy leaves the poorest of the poor in dire circumstances.

The gumball video persuaded philanthropist Cordelia Scaife May to support NumbersUSA. It resonates with many Americans today. Grassroots support for the enforcement of immigration laws has grown significantly since immigration amnesties of the 1980s. Much of the credit for this trend likely belongs to NumbersUSA and its outreach efforts.

For more information about the organization, they can be followed on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages for updates and related information. Their YouTube videos also provide more information about the company.

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