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Nobilis Health and Other Top Health Care Companies

Provision of quality health care is quite significant at ensuring that the populace enjoys healthy living. Traditionally, it was the work of the governments to provide healthcare to their citizens. However, the exponential population growth and hard economic times have hindered governments in meeting the health needs of its citizens in an adequate manner. In order to ensure that there is no gap; individuals have established private companies to provide quality health care to the public. Below are some of the most innovative health care companies around the world.
With up to one in every six American men in risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, the need for effective drug is necessary. Androgen suppression therapy is the most common way of treating this type of cancer. However, it has serious side effects such as depression and loss of libido. Medivation has developed a drug called Xtandi to help battle the disease. The drug has since been approved by the FDA and is on its final tests. The drug has brought $338 in net sales to the health care company.
2)Nobilis Health
Nobilis Health aims at satisfying the need of quality surgery services. With a huge network of surgeons specializing in various areas and over 100 clinics across the United States, Nobilis Health has been able to revolutionize the industry. The firm also focuses on developing new surgical procedures that are more effective and cheaper in order to provide Americans with affordable surgical services. The firm has managed to open ambulatory surgery centers in Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale.
3)Beijing Genomics Institute
Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) is a healthcare facility that focuses on making DNA sequencing mass-market. It achieves this objective by using high tech machines to sequence DNA. The institution has hundreds of highly trained analysts to make sense of the data output. It is the largest source of sequenced DNA worldwide. Apart from focusing on human DNA, BGI also works on plant and animals DNA. It then creates a database for all its research works. This innovative business strategy has helped reduce the cost of DNA sequencing from a staggering $3 billion dollars at the start of the century to just a few thousands of dollars. In order to help it establish itself in the Health sector, BGI recently acquired California’s Complete Genomics for $11 million.
4)Partners Healthcare
Partners Healthcare focuses on urgent medical research field. Its services are critical during outbreaks and study of mutating diseases. The company has huge financial muscles. Just in the past one year, it invested at least $1 billion on its researches. The researches involve drug discovery, information technology, and genetics. It has recently widened its areas of research to include translating genomic advances. The health care company also owns hospitals such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham Hospital.
The above innovative health care companies have greatly revolutionized health care service. Individuals not only from their locality, but also from across the globe have enjoyed their services and products. All these companies continue to invest in their fields in order to provide medication that helps solve the diseases suffered by the populace.

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