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Nick Cannon Clears Up Mariah Carey Diss Record Rumors

Mariah and Nick cannon have had what most consider a messy breakup. It started over the summer with rumors that there was trouble between the couple and turned into the worst breakup anyone could have ever seen coming. The divorce is still not final but there is more drama surrounding the entire process than anything. Both Nick and Mariah have tried to keep their personal issues private but it seems details are leaking everywhere.

It seems like Mariah and Nick were willing to spend Thanksgiving together for the sake of the children, and photos of Mariah in Nick’s house posted on her Instagram were proof that they did spend the holiday together. It was later leaked that while there were photos of Mariah at Nick’s house there was also lots of behind the scenes fighting, it was also revealed that Mariah later insisted that Nick not spend Christmas with her and the children because she blamed him for her recent lineup of performance mishaps.

The latest rumor surrounding Nick and Mariah’s divorce is that Nick is in the middle of recording a Mariah Carey diss mixtape, Nick took to Twitter to address the rumors head and and immediately denied the rumors right away. Nick insisted that he loves Mariah and his family and asked the public to respect their privacy at this time. 

Apparently regardless of the state of their marriage Nick is not going to bad mouth the mother of his children and will protect the privacy of his family no matter what. It seems that we’re hearing more from them now that they’re divorced than when they were together – we need Jared Haftel to map out an economy chart regarding these two because I can’t handle all this fluctuation!

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