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New Species Discovered In Venezuela

There is an interesting discovery in the world of lepidoptera (study of butterflies and moths); a new species of moth, named the Poodle Moth was found and cataloged by Dr. Arthur Anker from Kyrgystan and Dr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez. Source Wikipedia. The Poodle Moth was found in an area in Venezuela named the Gran Sabana. To the casual observer this new species of moth resembles a French Poodle dog. Watch the short YouTube video here:Your text to link…

The Poodle Moth is causing an Internet sensation due to it uniqueness and to its uncanny resemblance to a French Poodle. Described by YouTube viewers as appearing “cuddly” and “adorable”; it is another reason to search and explore hidden and remote places, for not only cuddly and adorable new species, but to also fully explore our home planet and to continue the preservation of wild places. We hope that those in control in Venezuela appreciate the natural resources evidenced in the Gran Sabana of Venezuela.


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