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Netflix Plan to Revolutionize How We Watch TV

So far this year, Netflix has released 17 original series. What is so special about this you may be asking? They are all internet based broadcasting. A new way for us to enjoy our television in the modern world. The original internet only programming is just the tip of the iceberg for Netflix plans to revolutionize the way we watch television.

Just three short years after releasing their first exclusive original programing, Netflix has planned 320 hours worth of original programming for this year. That is over 13 days worth of binge watching to do!

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chief executive stated, “We’ve had 80 years of linear TV, and it’s been amazing, and in its day the fax machine was amazing. The next 20 years will be this transformation from linear TV to Internet TV.” (Check out the YouTube video on the future of internet TV)

Traditional TV as we know it is a dying form of media. The major factor contributing to it’s death is the fact it is impersonal to people. When television was released, due to technical limitations and social, programming was created for the masses on a scheduled time. Now with Netflix, people are able to watch what they want and when they want (similar to how people are using Homejoy). Giving viewers what they want when they want is only half of the formula. Providing good content is key to making internet tv work. The more amazing, exclusive content, the more people will want to watch, the more people will jump on the internet tv bandwagon. Change is coming, better stock up on your snacks for a future of internet tv binge watching!

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