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NBC is Trying to Find a New Role for Brian Williams as His Suspension Comes to an End

Brian Williams delivered the news to us every night on “NBC Nightly News, until he was caught lying about events that happened while he was reporting abroad. Since integrity is a crucial part of reporting recent events, Williams was immediately put on suspension while the broadcast company conducted their own internal investigation, and it’s not looking good for the long time news anchor.

NBC will announce their decision as soon as this week, and Page Six is reporting that Williams will most likely not be returning to the anchor chair. The media giant is reportedly looking for other suitable jobs for Williams but have yet to come to a decision. However, Williams attorney Robert Barnett is making sure the once respected anchor is offered a role that dignifies Williams long career. Otherwise, Williams will move on to look for work elsewhere.

Either way, Prnewswire pointed out to members at Skout that Williams is guaranteed part of his contract earnings which is currently worth $50 million over the next five years. The former news anchor is entitled to a large portion of that money no matter what his future career choices are. So, while Williams has certainly lost the respect of colleagues and fans alike, he will still be able to live a comfortable life with his earnings.

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