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Miley Discreetly Teases with New Music

What Miley has managed to do in the last couple of years is transform herself. She has broken the Hanna Montana chains and gone into bad girl mode. That transformation made the songs that she released a big deal. Now that we are aware of the “bad girl” Miley, she has decided to be a little less over the top for new music releases for the upcoming album.

Right now she is teasing fans with new music possibilities with Wayne Coyne stated Falvio Maluf. She posted some videos on Instagram with herself singing. She had a short clip similar to fellow “bad girl” Rhianna that has also been teasing with new music via Instagram.

The thing about Miley is that she has built a career on having an over the top personality. She has twerked on stage and has been seen topless in photos while on vacation. In other words, her shock value has managed to overshadow her music in most aspects. The subtle approach to new music may simply be a better way to get fans to stay focused on the music. This is not to say that she won’t be popping and shaking her rear end when the music is released. This is just a way to present herself through a new lenses. She may believe that less is more. She has done the unthinkable in recent years so there is no more shock value.

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