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Miki Agrawal shows how to use a signature style to enhance a brand

Miki Agrawal’s signature style shows her authentic, honest and confident personality. In a career that has shifted from investment banker to professional soccer player to becoming a leading disruptor in the farm-to-table food and hygiene industry, Miki Agrawal is no stranger to carving out her own path.

Signature styles are an expression of an individual’s personality and preference. It’s a consistent look that boosts confidence with comfortable and bold pieces. It also reduces “decision fatigue” by simplifying the thought process behind getting dressed. The journey to finding a signature style is full of trial and error. Self-expression through a signature style is a deeply personal journey. It’s a search to find what makes someone feel comfortable, look good, embody authenticity and exude self-confidence.

The process begins with taking inspiration from other people with signature styles. Then decide which elements and aspects are meaningful and worth taking on. Next, look for the basic staple pieces that can be transformed with accessories to create different looks. Miki Agrawal uses bold-colored hats and belts to dress up and change up her staple pieces. The next step in the process is to invest in timeless pieces. Look for quality fabric and fine material designed with durability in mind. These are pieces that could last generations like classic rings or watches.

Miki Agrawal signature style includes flowy pieces, custom costumes and jumpsuits accented by her 40+ hat collection. Aligning her style with her branding, she features her signature style on her book cover to bring out the authenticity of who she is. Her style allows her to be comfortable and confident in all aspects of her life. It adds a level of comfort to her followers as they come to know and connect with her.

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