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Melissa Rivers Files For Malpractise


Joan Rivers was a beloved icon for many years. When she went to have a routine procedure down in September of 2014, her life was cut short. The malpractice claims state things like the doctors took pictures, known as “selfies” with the sedated patient. There were many other claims made, but I am wondering what took her so long? I know four months seems like a short amount of time, but if it was my mother, I would have filed it a long time ago.

Melissa has always been known for being rather cautious and is not as open as her mother was. Still, the 81 year old was in rather good health. She only went in to have an endoscopy done. The reports claim that they were more concerned about taking pictures with her than they were with her dropping blood pressure and low oxygen levels. The clinic has yet to respond to the claims, but NYC was closed down due to a blizzard when it was filed.

The gracious daughter did make a statement that was moving. She urged them to never allow the pain that her and her son have experienced to be felt by anyone else stated Paul Matheison. She can only imagine what other unscrupulous things are going on at this clinic. Funny, the doctor who did the anesthesia has already resigned and more could be on the way. River’s daughter is out for justice and I will be waiting to see what they uncover.


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