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Max Salk; one man, many lives

Max Salk is a reputable personality. However, there are many different reasons why you may have heard of him. He is a traveler, a photographer and a businessman. Many people may face difficulties doing even one of these things but he does all of these, that too on a level which is not any less than a full time professional in these fields. You may ask how this is possible. In his own words, the secret to his incredible lifestyle lies in just two words, “time management”. He is able to find time for all of his hobbies as well as professional life. With adequate time management, it is possible to do several things at once just like Max Salk does. The number one rule is to give up the practice of procrastinating. This may sound like a difficult endeavor, but it can be achieved by a simple rule of “actions over words”. This does not mean you become so spontaneous that you start doing everything without thinking. Thinking is essential, but you should also keep in mind that if you think that you will start when the time is right, you may end up waiting forever. Another habit of his which is incredibly helpful for him is to be prepared. This can be done by a simple thinking process. This is also applicable to both, personal as well as professional ventures of life. For example, let’s look at an example from the life of Max Salk himself. He was once visiting Netherlands. One morning he woke up to see fog outside and felt like taking a walk. However, due to his habit of preparation, he took along his camera. On that walk, he took some pictures and today those very pictures serve as the front page pictures for his photography publications. This shows that being prepared at every little moment can prove to be incredibly helpful. He is also an outlier when it comes to the technological innovations. He still uses an iPod and does not go berserk anytime a new iPhone is launched.

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