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Matthew Mansell and the Power of Cooperation in Building a Successful Startup


Athlo founder Matthew Mansell is an up-and-coming fitness startup dubbed the “the next fitness unicorn.” Mansell has been passionate about fitness since he was a teenager, and his company, Athlo, combines his passion for health and wellness with his business acumen. So, what is the secret to Mansell’s success? He believes it’s all about cooperation over competition. Let’s examine why Matthew Mansell sees cooperation as the key to building a successful startup.

The Power of Networking and Collaboration

Matthew Mansell credits much of his success to networking and collaboration within the industry. He believes that by reaching out to people with complementary skill sets and sharing resources, everyone involved can achieve more than they could on their own. For example, when launching Athlo, Mansell partnered with another startup specializing in software development to build the app for his platform.

The Benefits of Open-Source Technology

In addition to networking and collaboration, Mansell uses open-source technology whenever possible. By leveraging existing platforms like React Native or WordPress rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch, he can save money while creating an effective product. Furthermore, open-source projects often provide access to large amounts of high-quality code that can be used as a starting point for your project—saving you time and energy in development.

Creating Value for All Parties Involved

Finally, when looking for partners or collaborators, Mansell looks for those who have something unique to offer—knowledge or resources—and those who will benefit from working together just as much as he will help from working with them. By focusing on these mutually beneficial relationships rather than simply going after short-term gains, Mansell can create lasting partnerships that form the foundation of his success as an entrepreneur.


Matthew Mansell proves that cooperation over competition can lead to great things! He has built a successful business from virtually nothing by networking effectively with others in his field, leveraging open-source technology whenever possible, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships where everyone involved benefits. It shows what one can do when one puts their mind towards it! See this page for additional information.


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