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Matthew Mansell And Athlo Leading In Digital Fitness



Athlo is a hybrid fitness company that leverages data to provide optimal workouts based on your last performance. Athlo founder Matthew Mansell equips athletes with the tools they need to train smarter, recover faster, and improve performance for life.

Through a team of elite coaches and an extensive library of workouts, it combines the best elements of athletic training, strength and conditioning, and movement therapy to provide athletes with the most effective exercise for any situation.

Athlo provides athletes with streaming workouts to train smarter, not harder. But it is more than a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s customizable by design. The app combines the science of performance, the art of coaching, and technology to provide athletes with everything they need to train smarter.

It implements progressive functional exercises in short bursts to optimize training regimens for athletes worldwide. Matthew’s invention offers clients new options in exercise programming and business models. By joining the community and accessing user data, it can give clients insights into their performance and athletes’ actions. The accessibility, visibility, and flexibility allow clients to choose the best workout plan for their needs at any given moment.

The platform has collected data from hundreds of thousands of workouts and uses it to build the network. The next fitness unicorn will be a collective of athletes who train smarter, not more complicated, and Mansell’s app is ready for that.

Most athletes seek evidence that a piece of workout equipment will improve them. They’re looking for answers from their coaches. Athlo has access to all that data and is building the network to get it to athletes and coaches in a format they can understand. Matthew Mansell has offered a solution to the conventional workout routine.

It extends its reach by partnering with some of the best sports franchises in the world to provide athletes with access to coaches and trainers.

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