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Matthew Fleeger – A Distinguished Leader and Philanthropist

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is an accomplished entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry. He is the CEO of the renowned Gulf Coast Western oil and gas company, which has experienced a series of successful ventures in the industry over the last few years. The Dallas based entrepreneur has played a pivotal role in the success of this company owing to his experience and excellent leadership skills. Matthew Fleeger is a go-getter and has ventured into various businesses before assuming his position at the Dallas based oil and Gas Company. He started his own company known as MedSolutions, which became very successful. He has also co-founded several other companies, which earned millions of dollars in revenue.

Matthew works with a team of qualified and dedicated staff who work hard towards the success of the company. Mr. Fleeger loves to inspire his team and encourage them to nature their talents, and bring forward great ideas that can be used for the good of the company. He has an excellent academic background, having attended the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.

Mathew Fleeger is an honest and transparent leader. He has incorporated these essential skills in the running of Gulf Coast Western, which has seen the company overcome the various challenges in the oil and gas industry. Mathew notes that good communication is key to the success of a company. He ensures that there is ample communication between the employees and the leaders of the company and also the investors and partners of the company as well.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew, as well as the employees of Gulf Coast Western based in the Dallas offices, have made significant contributions to the Sadie Keller Foundation, which aims at distributing toys to young children who suffer from cancer. The CEO personally contributed thousands of dollars towards the Sadie Keller Foundation, which was essential in purchasing thousands of toys for the children. The staff at Gulf Coast Western often make their donations during the company’s Christmas party celebrations. Also, the staff has assured Sadie Keller that they are available to help her foundation in any way whenever she needs some help.

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