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Marvel wants a new Spider-man

New leaked e-mails from Sony reveal that Marvel is making a big push to acquire Spider-man. Part of this push apparently includes wiping the slate clean and starting over with a new actor for spider-man, according to a new report from Screen rant. This is coming off of a not so impressive showing by the latest Spider-man movie at the box office.
My room mate is writing an article for on how Sony would get a cut of the profit, but Marvel would have creative control in this deal.  One of the first things Marvel apparently would want to do is cut any connection between the previous films and the new ones. They would not feature either Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield as Spider-man and would cast a third fresh face on the role.
Apparently Marvel is upset that Sony’s films have all focused on Spider-man’s love life and they would prefer to focus more on the character himself. This means starting over and creating a new look for Spider-man.
According to the e-mails from this leak Marvel is not looking to do another origin story, but instead would like to start in the middle of the heroes story.
There are many great stories to tell in the Spider-man universe, so Marvel would have plenty of material to choose from.


Nola says:

Time will tell if Marvel is willing to work a deal with Sony or if Sony will hold on to its franchise and try to make things work. This would prevent them from airing the third Spider-man origin story movie in the last 15 years. There has been cases where what is written at could have solved for a long time.

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