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Marc Beer Finally Joins LumeNXT Team As Member Of The Board

Marc Beer has spent his entire career focused on the biotech industry as well as pharmaceuticals, which is why it comes as no surprise that he joined the LumeNXT team, a company that he helped bring to light in the first place. LumeNXT is a biotech firm that is focused on developing light technologies to help physicians perform non-invasive surgeries. Marc Beer has joined LumeNXT as a chairman of the board with a specific focus to help in product development and marketing. Marc brings more than two decades of experience in biotech, including the commercialization of products.

LumeNXT is a private biotech firm, but Marc Beer has been focused on the company’s work since it was first started. The realization of their products could advance the medical industry around the world to help provide safer and cost-effective surgeries for patients and physicians. Specifically, LumeNXT’s technology will provide superior visualization capabilities for doctors, allowing them to see underneath the skin without the need to cut parts of the body open to see inside. Marc personally thinks that minimally invasive surgeries will be big in the future and help a lot of people live better lives. 

Marc Beer’s successful track record in the biotech industry is well-known, and he is currently the co-founder and CEO of his own successful biotech company, Renovia Inc. Paul Rhyne, LumeNXT’s founder, specifically chose Marc for his expertise and dedicated leadership, doing whatever it takes to see a project through to the end. 

Marc founded Renovia Inc back in 2016 as a biotech firm specializing in research for one specific disease, pelvic floor disorder. this disorder only affects women, but it is estimated to cause complications for more than 200 million women worldwide, ranging from light cramps to severe pain and discomfort. Renovia has received a lot of support and funding over the past few years thanks to Marc’s successful marketing and networking, which has ultimately enabled Renovia to develop their first approved product to help women treat pelvic floor disorder, Leva. Leva is defined as a digital health system that cannot cure but can treat pelvic floor disorder. Learn more:

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