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Mahmoud Khattab in transformational health care delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in all sectors of the economy. The health sector has been hit hard, being forced to make adjustments in every aspect of operations within the shortest time. The changes that have been adopted include digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, such as the use of robotics, virtual delivery care, has been adapted with health care systems around the world, having to deliver a more personalized relationship between a medical professional and a patient. All this to improve service delivery to patients.

 The consumers are driving the much needed change in the health sector. With consumers pushing for patient-centric care delivery. Their needs are driving digitally-enabled clinician-patient interactions. With the consumer’s demands, the industry stakeholders are looking for ways of making a holistic human health experience.

 With the pandemic, it is clear that there is a socio-economic disparity between different classes of individuals in receiving healthcare. There needs to be an equitable delivery of services to cater to the needs of patients across the globe. The disparity is resulting in unfair and avoidable differences in health care.

 As a result of the pandemic there is an urgent need for more collaboration. The traditional boundaries have been pushed away, leading to new business and funding models, influential stakeholders, and new entrants into the health sector. The collaboration is the result of the enhanced consumer delivery and wide usage of technology. One individual who is at the forefront of championing some of the mentioned changes is Dr. Mahmoud Khattab. He has been in the medical world for close to three decades. His main aim is to help patients who need enhanced health care delivery.

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of Precision MD. He is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the patients receive the best health care, not forgetting the employees who need to have a suitable working environment to deliver services. Dr. Mahmoud Khattab embraces appropriate current medical therapy admitting patients only when necessary.

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