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MAGFAST Just Might Be The Coolest Gadget We’ve Seen This Year

Everyone needs to charge their devices, but that process can look pretty clunky. You’ve got wires everywhere. Not to mention that if you’re traveling, you need to make sure you’ve got the right adapter or converter to make sure your devices stay charged.

MAGFAST wants to change the charging world. This is a crowdfunded project to create the coolest charging station around. People want true wireless charging, not just fewer wires to connect their devices. The MAGFAST charger is a true wireless charging experience. It actually has four types of charging in one. There’s a self-storing, built-in cable, USB-A and USB-C outlets, and wireless charging. This is incredible value for the money.

Plus, MAGFAST just announced a family of charging devices, so you can keep your devices happy and their batteries full wherever, whenever, whatever. Because sometimes life gets complicated and you forget to charge your phone before you leave for work.

The MAGFAST charger family includes the Life Charger, Life Charger Extreme, and the Road Charger. Each device includes the four key components people are clamoring for in their charging device: something that charges your device rapidly and is super portable, so you can take it in your bag and be ready for where life takes you. Each device works on its own but can be connected to the others.

Gazette Day profiled MAGFAST’s founder and CEO, Seymour Segnit. Seymor Segnit is a passionate and experienced leader. He and his wife Amy launched the original MAGFAST Family brand in 2017. The original business didn’t take on, but they’d caught the entrepreneurial bug and were ready to start over.

He is optimistic about the company’s future. For Segnit, MAGFAST has always been successful. It raised a quarter of a million dollars within 15 minutes of its launch. He is currently focused on brainstorming new marketing solutions to ensure MAGFAST stays successful in the long run.

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