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Maarten De Jeu, the Professional Business Advisor, and Philanthropist

Marteen de Jeu is one of the prominent players in the financial and commercial real estate industries. The professional investor has the expertise of many years in the international business scene. He acquired the necessary skills needed to perfect in the industry from Oxford University. Marteen graduated with an MBA from the institution emerging the best in his class. One of the unique skills that make him succeed significantly in the industry is the ability to communicate in different languages. His investments in Europe, Asia, and North America have honed his business expertise considerably because of the vast exposure.

Besides, Marteen de Jeu has acquired knowledge of different cultures through global investment exposure. The talented business expert combined international and technical expertise to start a business advisory company. SVM Business Advisory opened its first office in 2012. Marteen used it to offer professional advice to startups, Fortune 100 leaders, Ultra High Net executives, and insurance companies. The investors that have an interest in the financial industry also seek his outstanding investment advisory services.

The company has offered credible advisory advice to numerous clients that embrace Marteen de Jeu’s unique approach to their needs. Marteen, on the other hand, has a professional team that can handle multicultural and multidisciplinary issues. As the company’s Managing Director, Marteen ensures that the clients get the best advice revolving around international business investment and partnership building skills. The company has attracted many clients through his unmatched leadership skills over the years.

SVM Business Advisory clients benefit significantly from Marteen de Jeu’s expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy development, and business improvement. Additionally, Marteen trains the skills required for executing successful acquisition and investment strategies. Besides gaining the entrepreneurship knowledge from the University, Marteen honed his skills by working for various companies. He served as the Strategy & Corporate Development Director for Aviva, specializing in international enterprises working from the firm’s London office.

Marteen de Jeu’s contribution to TRACK Management Consultants during his tenure as the strategy manager was remarkable. The company’s clients, including Sara Lee, ABN AMRO, ING, and Heinz, admired his approach to their needs and kept going back for his unmatched advisory strategies. Marteen extended his advisory expertise to Europe through SpeakUp®, a company he started for providing compliance and ethics solutions across the region. Learn more:

Besides, Marteen de Jeu engages in other activities besides his advisory services. His contribution to the philanthropic activities involving the Economic Club Global Affairs in Chicago is remarkable. He has contributed to the Museum and Industry as well as in the environmental sector. The education sector benefits significantly through the Public Policy Dean’s International Council of Harris School of Chicago. Marteen’s passion for helping the community and the business sector continues to play a vital role in the economic growth of Chicago and other areas globally.

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