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M Patrick Carroll, Real Estate Magnate And Soon To Be Soccer Team Owner, Setting His Cap To Acquire SPAL With Partner Joe Tacopina

M Patrick Carroll recently broke the news. He’s set to go the way of many wealthy entrepreneurs and CEOs. The millionaire real-estate magnate has an estimated worth of approximately $20 million. His investment portfolio has at least 25,000 residential and commercial properties peppered along the eastern portion of the United States.

Carroll’s business success story is near legendary, featuring a young would-be-ace without a High School diploma, who nonetheless manages to grow a retail assets venue into a nationally recognized real estate company. But he’s yet to break his soccer-team-owner cherry.

M Patrick Carroll is now ready to take that hurdle and acquire a soccer team, as many moguls do. He will likely manage the hurdle in style as well, because Carroll has an experienced partner joining him. Unlike Carroll, Joe Tacopina is not a soccer-team-buying neophyte.

A U.S. lawyer, Tacopina is also known for his television presence in news shows and legal dramas. His leap into the arena of sports management involved aiding in the acquisition of A.S. Roma and acted on the association’s board until 2014. A.S. Roma is a pro Italian football club dating back to the 1920s. Joe also took the mantle of president of the Bologna football club, albeit only for a year.

Tacopina was set to acquire a Sicilian football club as well before the investment process went south. Now, with M Patrick Carroll on board, the pair have a new opportunity to garner Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, or SPAL, as it’s often referred to. SPAL is a Ferrara-based Italian team playing within the second highest tier of Italian football, otherwise known as a Serie B team. As the new team owners, M Patrick Carroll and Joe Tacopina have vowed to take their investment assets to Serie A status.

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