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Lovaganza Wants To Unite The World

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

There’s a lot of love that goes into art. From the decision of that which must be created, to its eventual crafting on, to its eventual display and those who come to love it as the artist had, emotional attachment runs hot with well-produced artistry.

Film is an excellent example of an outpouring of love. Certain movies don’t become cult classics without their devoted fan-bases continuing to tout their excellence. Perhaps one of the reasons people love film so much is that it connects them with other people in a way where common ground can be easily achieved. When two people have undergone the same experience, they both have a starting point from which to base ideas. Additionally, films are known to be inspirational. They can put a sort of mental spirit in a person that drives them on to greater things.

Because of this close-knit, love-centric, inspirational nature in films, the producers of Lovaganza have chosen cinema as a means of displaying their new technology to the world. IMMERSCOPE is 3D that does not require any kind of glasses. Instead, a 180-degree screen brings audiences into a performance that hits like a live theatrical play on levels of intimacy, but maintains that Hollywood spark of visual excellence.

Lovaganza has a trilogy of films in the works, and principal photography has started on the first installments. In 2017, a traveling caravan will tour the world so that a taste of the coming festival will be made manifest. Sequential film releases will follow this tour until 2020, when Lovaganza will simultaneously debut at eight strategic points across the globe. The event will last a staggering four months, and has planned showings in The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and America.

Themes of the trilogies will center around unity, and a kind of traveling convoy in similitude to that which will wrap the planet soon. A sort of bohemian celebration of individual cultures will take place. Comedy, adventure, mystery, intrigue, romance, thrills–each of the Lovaganza trilogies portends to provide such experiences. And beyond the IMMERSCOPE technology, the actual event will feature live presentations, interactive entertainment, and a World’s Fairs-type atmosphere reminiscent of the festivals of yesteryear. is the website where all updates and progress reports are made. The fan base for Lovaganza is growing, and the scope of this project makes that growth understandable. Such a world-wide effort is poised to make history, and many want to remain abreast of news.

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