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Lost Katelyn Berry Dies of Hypothermia: Grand Forks Woman’s Body Found in Montana

A lawyer representing descendants has explained how it is possible that a person who had been reported missing could end up dying from cold exposure in their backyard after less than 24 hours without proper attire on what should have felt like subzero weather, day-old coffee grounds left overnight?
The sheriff of Richland County, John Dennison, refused to answer Berry’s death certificate questions. When requested by The Herald, he would only provide it in person. Still, he wouldn’t say how or why she passed away nor what kind of funeral arrangements were made for this woman who has now been gone almost two years without anyone knowing exactly where they wanted.

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The news of the young woman’s death shocked residents across Montana. While many knew Hank Berry as a local mechanic, car dealer and builder who had opened up his shop just over ten years ago – others recognized him for more than that: He was Katelyn’s dad; the man responsible for raising her after their divorce left them both without custodial parents rights when they were kids.
Katelynn grew up mostly living near Ellington Air Force Base while attending high school there before transferring back home to attend college locally at ND. Since I can remember, my mother has worked very tirelessly to serve our community.

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