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Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail

Some people would just say hat ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan’s entire career was a failure. The actress, affectionately dubbed LiLo, saw an unexpected rise to stardom starring in some of the hottest films in Hollywood said Bruce Karatz. Lohan attempted to embark on a musical career and shortly after her signature role as the brainy Cady Heron in ‘Mean Girls,’ LiLo’s career took a crash-and-burn tumble from A-lister to criminal. Lohan’s latest epic failure was a photograph that the actress shared through Instagram. The photo shows Lohan, standing in a bodysuit at a private residence. The photograph appears to have been Photoshopped. Following Lohan’s spine down to her rear-end, viewers noticed that the photograph has a suspicious curb in the doorway in front of which she is standing. The curb seems to trace LiLo’s bottom. Did she really use Photoshop on the image to give herself a little more junk in the trunk? The photograph was captured using Live Image and was posted to the starlet’s Instagram account by LiLo herself. “LOL, Photoshop fail!” said another. Unlike some of her so-called live musical performances, Lindsay’s Photoshop trick isn’t going to fool anybody. It is not the first time that the public has believed she used Photoshop to digitally alter her appearance in photographs.

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