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Lime Crime Does It Again

It isn’t every day that a startup company comes along and shakes things up among the major powers that be, but Lime Crime Cosmetics is one company that has done just that. Launched a few years back by innovative Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, LimeCrime burst on the scene as an online company beauty company that had some bold new ideas to share. The amazing thing is that the innovations launched by this company, along with its savvy use of Pinterest, have made it a player to be reckoned with.

Unicorn Hair Colors to Get Excited About

The easy to use hair colors were first introduced last April, and they were immediately embraced by Lime Crime users who loved the bold and bright colors and the way they enhance the company’s lipstick and eyeshadow shades.

The first colors introduced in this 100 percent vegan and cruelty free line were light and bright, ranging from mauve to a light minty green. Now the company is adding to the shades, with new colors that are great for dark brunette hair.

Sea Witch (deep green), Chestnut (intense maroon), Charcoal (soft gray) and Squid (an intense purple). These colors wash in easy, and keep their intense colors until its time for a new rinse.

LimeCrime users know that when this company offers a new idea in cosmetics, it’s sure to be a major hit. It looks like this rock and roll cosmetics company has done it again with hair color, and fans of this makeup innovator couldn’t be more thrilled.


Nola says:

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