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Launch House Business Venture Arm

Launch House is a private membership organization that supports and connects successful business people. It was started by  Brett Goldstein, Jacob Peters, and Michael Houck. The company aims to expand its current connections with entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers.

Membership Benefits

Membership includes access to their exclusive IRL co-living quarters in popular locations, major cities, and at congresses around the globe. Additionally, members receive executive coaching possibilities, assistance with fundraising, unrestricted access to our online cohort-based courses, and collaboration spaces in major cities. Instead of just providing options for transactional networking, Launch House promotes opportunities for genuine relationships, learning, and career development.

Launch House Start and Growth

The company has invested in various businesses before and after its founding in January 2022, including Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, Anja Health, and others. The importance of the organization’s networks has been demonstrated by the fact that several House Capital portfolio businesses have gone on to obtain new funding rounds at a more excellent value in just a few short months.

A second distinctive feature of House Capital is that it consists of two underlying assets: a conventional 506(b) venture collaboration and a non-profit instrument that enables the company to seek participation from other authorized, smaller LPs. House Capital isn’t the only venture capital firm embracing a more community-driven approach. Different funds have also raised a lot of money from the community over the past year as part of a more significant trend toward an ownership-based economy.

Business Alliances

House Capital has co-invested with renowned lead investors like a16z, Sequoia, Paradigm, and Y Combinator. Startup founders that receive investment from House Capital become lifetime members of the community and have full access to the community’s resources. Michael Houck claims that the company has close, genuine connections with the early-stage founders that join the community. He adds that it was a natural transition for them to invest in these entrepreneurs themselves, as they have already supported their members with fundraising efforts. Click here to learn more.

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