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Last Ship 2×04 Promo

Yesterday, Monday, June 29, a lot of fans of TNT’s The Last Ship discussed the promo for next week’s Season 2 Episode 4 called “Solace.”

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Now that the crew of the USS Nathan James (DDG-80) has started the process of manufacturing and distributing the cure in different safe zones throughout the world, they are focused on searching for any survivors, including family members who might have survived. In Sunday’s episode, viewers learned that Tex’s daughter and Slattery’s family are still among the missing.

Viewers also learned that Niels, the immune carrier of the virus, survived the destruction of the Russian ship and found his way to a type of commune where a cult now exists around the idea that the immune are the chosen people. Garcia Dias said the cult appears to be made of up many similar compounds throughout the country filled with people who now share this belief. Niels confirmed with the local leader that the rumor of a U.S. Navy ship distributing a cure is not just a rumor.

The promo for “Solace” suggests that the USS Nathan James comes across another ship that may or may not be a safe zone laboratory that was boarded and taken over. One of the crew members from that ship states that his people thought the attackers were pirates, but it looks like the cult decided to attack.

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