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Kylie Poses In Outfit Identical To Blac Chyna

While lately it seems that Kylie and Tyga should have no issue with coexisting in Tyga’s life, apparently they are still at odds with each other and are continuing to beef with each other one Instagram. At the moment Kylie is just weeks away from her 18th birthday, and the closer she gets to being legal the more she seems to flaunt her relationship with Tyga and take subliminal shots at his ex.

Fans like Sam Tabar know that the most recent incident between Chyna and kylie happened late one night when Chyna posted a sexy bathroom photo in one of her signature white, skin tight crop top and matching pants outfits. Moments later Kylie posted a photo wearing and identical outfit with the caption “Snap.” Of course anyone who has been watching Kylie and Chyna throw jabs at each other went crazy over the similarities. On one hand you have Kylie possibly throwing shade at Chyna, but on the other it almost seems like creepy copycat behavior.

Regardless what Kylie is doing at this point it just seems redundant, after all she won. Tyga loves Kylie and even had her name tattooed on his arm, what does Kylie have to prove and to who? Chyna is definitely getting a kick out of making Kylie so uncomfortable, and while lately she has been keeping her lips shut, the verdict still isn’t out on whether Chyna and Tyga have made up since she posted the proof of him attempting to get back together.

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