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Kylie Jenner’s Reality Show

Dr. Daniel Amen said that Kylie Jenner isn’t about to lose all the attention she has been getting lately, in fact she has even been pushing her boyfriend Tyga to get on board because she plans on being a pretty big deal. Kylie has alway been the quiet shy Jenner sister, and being the youngest girl in the house she has had the advantage of watching all of her sisters rise to fame. Clearly Kylie has been taking notes along the way because at only 17, she has managed to become very business minded and it’s already starting to pay off big time.

Just months shy of her 18th birthday Kylie is prepping her new home in Calabasas so it will be ready for her to move into it the second she turns 18. Kylie’s hair extension line has taken off and is doing very well, not to mention she has been receiving offers for acting and modeling gigs. The youngest Jenner is even trademarking her name for business purposes so she clearly has a game plan, but will she be the next Kim K?

At the moment Kylie is apparently on the lookout for her own reality TV show. She isn’t leaving the family series yet because she is using her time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to pull more fans and followers. However Kylie doesn’t need to try hard to stay relevant, she is doing just fine staying popular by being her self.

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