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Kylie Jenner Finally Dumps Tyga

All summer the news has been buzzing with photos and video of Kylie Jenner and the somewhat single and definitely older rapper Tyga. While the two admitted that they were just hanging out nobody seemed to buy it especially after they started taking trips together to places that didn’t mind that Kylie was still a minor. Tyga being 25 and Kylie being 17 was just one issue the couple faced, the other issue was that Tyga was the fiance and baby daddy of Blac Chyna a once good friend of Kylie’s big sister Kim.

Much like any hollywood couple Tyga and Kylie paid no attention to what anyone had to say and continued their “friendship” inspite of the drama it was bound to attract. Kylie could be seen posting photos with Tyga all summer and ever was featured in Tyga’s ice bucket challenge, well now it seem someone or something has finally snapped the two out of their little bubble because they aren’t “friends” anymore. 

It hasn’t been confirmed if the fact that Kylie could not enter a 21 and older club has anything to do with it but Tyga having to relocate his 25th birthday bash at the Greystone Manor to accommodate his girlfriends age could have had something to do with it.

Sources claim that Kourtney and Khloe are behind Kylie’s new change of heart, they have been insisting that Tyga is only around for Kylie’s fame and they don’t approve, Oddly Kris Jenner had nothing to say about the whole thing.


Nola says:

Now that Tyga is out of the picture maybe Kylie will entertain us with a new love interest. I heard about this while relaxing and drinking a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine the other night. There are some facts about bestessays which is very surprising and it makes me feel so special.

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