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Kylie Is Getting Too Close To King Cairo

Kylie Jenner’s beef with Blac Chyna has been something spectacular to watch, anyone who loves celebrity drama the way James Dondero does has sunk their teeth into the juicy feud and simply can’t get enough. As it stands Kylie and Chyna are enemies because they both don’t want to share Tyga, while it is pretty much impossible for Tyga to cut all contact with his son’s mother Kylie still doesn’t like the idea of them getting too close. Just last month Chyna leaked photos of texts between herself and Tyga and in the texts Tyga was begging Chyna to take him back and be a family again.

After a little over a week of giving Tyga the Silent treatment the two were back together and stronger than even, Tyga even got Kylie’s name tattooed on his arm to let anyone wondering know that Kylie was in his life to stay. Now it seems that Kylie can not get enough of the drama because she is now using Tyga and Chyna’s son as a pawn to get under Blac’s skin. Over the weekend Kylie looked after King during Tyga’s basketball game last weekend. Chasing King around the court, playing with him and, keeping him company made Kylie fall in love with King so much, that She changed her Instagram name to “King Kylie.”

Of course Blac Chyna is not taking too kindly to Kylie trying to form a bond with her son, and she most certainly does not want Kylie publicly flaunting her son around on social media. Now Chyna is saying that she doesn’t want Kylie around King at all. This is just another of the many beefs Chyna and Kylie are going to have, maybe they just need to let each other live.

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