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Krishen Iyer Offers Some Business Tips for Creating Personal Touch with Customers

In business, it has become obvious that companies have to create a personal touch so that they can remain relevant in the market. It is now obvious that customers are very demanding, and they have not been settling for the products and services that they have been getting from such organizations (Finsmes). 

Therefore, the company that wants to remain relevant in the market must make sure that it is creating a personal touch with the customers. However, small entities have just been in the business environment for a few years. They are only accustomed to traditional marketing strategies. Krishen Iyer points out that they do not know how they can create some personal touch with the current customers. However, Krishen Iyer has been offering some essential tips on how companies can easily create some personal touch with their customers.

According to Krishen Iyer, accepting feedback is one of the essential strategies of understanding personal touch. This means that business owners must always work hard to ensure that they have been looking for all the feedback that customers have been giving about their products or services. Customers will feel appreciated if an organization is always ready to act on customer feedback. Creating personalized products is another major point that Krishen Iyer has been highlighting that companies can use to create a personal touch with their customers. Very many businesses do not know what to incorporate so that they can be able to create a personal touch with the customers they have been serving. However, creating personalized products is an essential approach to changing such issues.

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