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Kris Jenner Flaunts Kylie’s Cosmo Cover At LAX


Kris Jenner is always the proud supportive mom, from promoting and motivating Kim Kardashian to become the most talked about reality star on television, to launching  Kendall’s modeling career Kris is the best “momerger” in the business and nothing makes her more proud than seeing her daughters in the spotlight. She even takes some tips from her girls for her own.

Recently Kris was seen on the red carpet with a very noticeable pouty lip. Anyone who knows the Kardashian family knows the pouty lip belongs to Kylie, but Kris seemed to rock the sexy pout just as well. The internet has been buzzing ever since Kris’s Kylie esque lips made their debut, and now Kris is giving her daughter Kylie the props she deserves, and it’s not because of her awesome makeup skills.

Kris was photographed at LAX promoting Kylie’s Cosmo cover while strutting through the airport. The proud mom was smiling from ear to ear holding the magazine in front of her so that everyone could see her daughter. Currently Kylie is promoting a new hair extension line, and has been getting some negative feedback over her decision recently to quit homeschool so that she can focus on building her brand. Kardashian fans are here to keep a watch on all the drama that will unfold this is coming from superfans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and countless others. From the looks of it Kris Jenner is being very supportive of her daughters decision, and ready to push her to the Kardashian limit.

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