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Knowing More About Brian Bonar And Dalrada

Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer plus a businessman plus an investor. He has done his graduation in mechanical engineering from James Watt College. He has done his Master’s in the same subject from the Stafford University.

He started his career at IBM where he worked as a procurement officer. At this time he was looking into outsourcing of motherboards. Brian was with IBM for 15 years.

He moved on to QMS after this. He was the engineering director at QMS for four years. There were nearly a 100 employees who worked under him.

Brian Bonar moved on and joined Rastek and Adaptec. He worked in their sales department. It was a very different field as he was an engineer and had never worked in this field before.

After leaving Adaptec, Brian Bonar opened his own company. This was called Bezier Systems. It has been credited with developing the first SCSI printer.

Next, Brian Bonar moved on and joined Itec Imaging. He used to liaise with Asian manufacturers here. He started with an employee management firm after this. It was called Dalrada Financial Corporation.

It is a company that looks into all employee matters which can be related to payroll, or to advances, or even insurance, or tax and so on. Dalrada is helping other firms in managing their human resource in a better and more efficient way.

He has founded several enterprises in his career. These include Allegiant Professional Business Services besides AMS Outsourcing. He had founded TruCept Inc. in 2011. Currently, Brian Bonar is serving as the Chairman and CEO of this company. Even this company is in a similar field of work as Dalrada.

TruCept has been growing under the leadership of Brian Bonar. During the first half of this financial year, it had recorded $1.6 million as profits. In the previous quarter, its profits had grown by 30%. The value of the company is going higher this way.

In addition, TruCept has recently launched an app for its staffers. This aids in finding workers faster. This app is able to connect those employers who seek workers, with those who are well-trained and available for work. This leads to the streamlining of the entire process.

Brian Bonar has several other interests too. Currently, he is living in San Diego. He has recently opened a restaurant over here. This is designed as a place where people can go and relax after a hard day at work.

This is a place where they can interact with other people. He calls this place “The Bellamy”. This offers drinks along with bistro food, and hence it is different from any other restaurants in the area. It is a popular place to enjoy with friends.

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