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Kim Kardashian Wants Kylie To Slow Down With Tyga

Tyga and Kylie have managed to stay together for over a year while everyone they knew picked their relationship apart. Kylie is the youngest Jenner sister, but she is quite possibly the most determined. Lately she has been spending her free time making sure that everyone knows her name, and buys anything she tells them to. Kylie is a fashion inspiration, a young business owner, homeowner and teen idol. Girls everywhere to be Kylie Jenner, she knows how to sell a lifestyle. Most importantly her relationship with Tyga is one of the most important ingredient in keeping her relevant right now. Everyone loves a good love story, and Kylie Jenner and Tyga are giving everyone a story for that ages. If Kylie and Tyga manage to stay together and make it to the altar, they might just be the most interesting and adorable Hollywood love stories ever.

Kylie has everyone’s blessing so far, when it comes to Tyga, the Kardashian family has welcomed him with open arms. After months of denying a romantic relationship, Kylie and Tyga are now pretty much living their truth right before our eyes. Just this week, Kylie and Tyga wore matching outfits at the airport on their way to Cannes.

Right now Kylie’s big sister is happy to see her in love, but she is worried that Kylie is going to throw her life away her life and settle down too soon. She doesn’t want Kylie to start popping out the kids and end up missing out on opportunities just because she’s blinded by her feelings for Tyga. At the moment Kylie seems pretty focused on her career and love life, lets hope she keeps that balance going as she moves forward according to reporters.

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