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Kim Kardashian Is Having A Boy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in the news again, and this time they haven’t done anything controversial. For those of you that have been living in a box, Kim Kardashian recently announced that she was pregnant for the second time. Kardashian fans were very excited to hear the news, and everyone around the world has been buzzing about Kim’s pregnancy. However, some mega kardashian fans like Igor Cornelson feel that Caitlyn Jenner’s revealing cover on Vanity Fair magazine stole the spotlight. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy is a big deal, and the entire media world has been paying close attention to developments on the story.

Yahoo! Sports revealed today that Kim Kardashian is having a boy, and that news has excited everyone. Kim Kardashian found out the news just the other day, and she has decided to share it with the world. Kanye West is apparently extremely happy for baby number two. In fact, sources close to Kanye revealed have indicated that the rapper has always wanted to have a baby boy. However, the source also revealed that Kanye West love his daughter North more than anything, but it seems that he was hoping for a boy this time around. Fortunately for Kanye, it appears that he continues to get everything that he wants.

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