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Kim Kardashian Has A Dress That Catches On Fire

It looks as if Kim Kardashian is trying to wear the sexiest clothes she possibly can until she starts getting bigger with her baby bump. Although Kim is now pregnant with her second child, she still continues to wear daring outfits and sexy ensembles. Kim Kardashian’s Dress Catches Fire. Kim, Kanye West, Pharrell and his wife, they all went out to dinner the other night. While they were out to dinner, Kim was wearing a see-through dress that was feathery, and she had on what looked like a bra and oversized underwear underneath.

Somehow, flames were able to catch Kim’s dress, and the dress caught on fire. Although there are no pictures of the dress being on fire, Kim decided to tweet about the experience and she even made jokes. Kim stated that her feathers caught fire, and it jumped on her dress to out itself. Some people online even made jokes about Kim Kardashian, but the fire wasn’t that serious. It’s likely that the fire was burning the outfit because it was horridly ugly!

Although there could have been a nicer way to tell Kim that the outfit was unbecoming of her, setting it on fire was probably not the right thing for the flames to do. Either way, Kim is okay. Some have made jokes and said that maybe Kim is using her near miss with the fire to take away Caitlyn Jenner’s shine, but this is just not true.

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