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Kenneth Goodgame portrays excellent leadership skills

Kenneth Goodgame once held the position of Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at True Value Company. He held this post from the year 2013. As a company leader, he has shown real leadership and grown the company to higher levels of success. Goodgame has a good educational background; he graduated with a degree in Marketing and Finance from Tennessee University in Knoxville. His deep knowledge in finance has helped him increase his loss and profit management skills. He has built a larger team to enable him to conduct his duties correctly.

Upon being chosen as the Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Company, he transformed the company to become an international brand. He relied mainly on his experience, customer knowledge, and a customer-based philosophy. He is known to have developed innovative programs and products that True Value has found critical in the marketplace.

Career wise, Kenneth Goodgame has had a broad career experience. He has worked in several managerial positions in different firms. Through his unique leadership, he has been able to lead several companies to achieve expansion and growth in revenue. He served as vice president of True Value from 2013 to 2015. He made the company grow through a careful design of advertisement campaigns on various channels. The campaigns led to new retail price perception and an extra step in customer growth. The company moved to higher levels of success.

Before joining True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame worked as the General Merchandizing Manager at the Ace Hardware Corporation. He served here between 2010 and 2013. During his leadership, the company gained 4.5% increase in sales. The annual store opening also grew by about 300%.

Goodgame left True Value Company to focus on lecturing and writing. He became a common face in the lecture unit. He today speaks regularly at several conventions, conferences, large gatherings in the United States and different parts of the world. His focus of presentation has been in sales, marketing, and other related matters. Apart from his professional endeavors, Goodgame has become very active in community work. He is associated with several non-profit organizations and programs. At present, he has no plans to return to any corporate position.

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