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Keith Mann Proves to be an Altruistic Individual

Keith Mann is a renowned specialist in the executive search industry with a level of experience that spans more than 15 years. In fact, he specializes in other fields including hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensation. This is on top of being the Chief Executive Officer of the Dynamic Search Partners.


Apart from his involvement in business, Keith Mann is notably an altruistic individual whose main line of focus is education. The following are some of his generous deeds over the years.


Support to the Uncommon Schools


  • Resume Building Workshop


For a long time, Keith Mann has maintained a strong relationship with Uncommon Schools. This collaboration stemmed from the student mentoring program that was undertaken by Keith Mann and his team from the Dynamic Search Partners. The team met with senior members of one of the Uncommon Schools for resume building purposes. Experts from the Search Dynamic Search Partners assisted the senior students through given them advice as well as reviewing and editing their resumes for college application.


This sparked a relationship between Uncommon Schools and the Dynamic Search Partners to create a progressive and useful avenue. This platform would allow DSP to help students in learning practical as well as tactical skills to assist them in achieving success while in college and beyond.


  • Funding Student Testing and Scholarship


In 2015, Keith Mann facilitated the funding of one of the latest Uncommon High School. Through fundraising, DSP raised more than $22,000, which was aimed at funding PSAT and AP testing. Later in 2016, Keith Mann entered into a partnership with the Uncommon School to facilitate the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Both Keith Mann and his wife created the scholarship to acknowledge upcoming business leaders. The scholarship would award a single senior student each year with $5000 to use as college tuition.


Support to the NYPD


Despite of the violence and protests surrounding the NYPD, Keith and his wife expressed their support and appreciation through sending lunch to the 54th Street precinct. This token of appreciation was meant to serve as a morale booster as well as a move to take away their attention from the negativity surrounding the police force.

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