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Keanue Reeves to Sign on for ‘the Neon Demon’

Is it 1999 again or is Keanu Reeves begin a big part of Hollywood once more? The former star of the ‘Matrix’ never really dropped off the face of the Earth he more or less just faded to the background. Now Keanu is coming off of one of his biggest hits since ‘The Matrix’ with the action packed thriller ‘John Wick’. With his star currently rising, Reeves was doubtlessly going to land a few roles in the near future. One of the bigger pictures to grab Reeves off the street isĀ Nicolas Refn’s ‘The Neon Demon’.

‘The Neon Demon’ will bring together quite a bunch of talented stars in what the Morins think should be quite the thrilling premise. Alongside Kenu Reeves we will see Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games”) and Bell Heathcote (“Dark Shadows”. The film is described simply as a “subversive female driven” tale of horror. With such talented actresses taking the lead roles we can only imagine how well that this one is going to take off.

Still, if anything we are glad to see Nicolas Refn continue to work with such quality American talent. Refn’s most recently revered work includes the Gosling vehicle ‘Drive’, the Tom Hardy picture ‘Bronson’ and the Madds Mikkelson epic ‘Valhalla Rising’. Refn has showcased the ability to seamlessly jump genres and periods and his work should be put once more at the front of the room.


Amiya Jacoby says:

I think not just myself but many lovers of the Matrix would love the return of the matrix star man Keanue Reeves not forgetting that he is a character that many adore. Although ukessay offers better information on the whole concept I think it would be an intriguing moment to have him back. A lot of young and aspiring American actors look up to him as a role model because of the calm and relaxed attribute he possess and the producers know that he is top quality that is why they are going after him again.

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