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Katy Perry’s Shark-Attack After Halftime Performance


Katy Perry trending Monday after her Pepsi halftime show is no surprise, but the Internet was abuzz about more than her performance when her shark suit-clad backup dancer made unexpected waves throughout the week. Left Shark sparked a series of memes given his off-kilter rhythm during Perry’s Teenage Dream bit Sunday night. Left Shark was revealed to be Perry’s long-time backup dancer Bryan Gaw and was thrust further into the headlines when an entrepreneur jumped on the buzz created by the shark deemed rhythmically challenged.

Fernando Sosa, a 3D printer based in Orlando, Florida, has involuntarily swam with the sharks that are Katy Perry’s legal team after he manufactured Left Shark replicas to be sold on the Shapeways website. According to, lawyers for Perry were quick to send a cease and desist letter to Shapeways prompting the online entity to promptly stop sales of the figurine.

According to Dan Newlin, consumers with 3D printer access cans still get their hands on Left Shark by going to to download the file needed to create the marine fish. Sosa has made the free file available there, stating, “Apparently sharks, palm trees and beach balls are all now copyrighted. I’m making this available to everyone. Now you can 3D print your very own Left Shark.” Though Sosa recommends downloading the file sooner than later should Perry’s lawyers opt to launch another shark-attack claiming copyright infringement.


Angelique Reid says:

I think that we can move away from the celebrity frenzy for a moment and only live in the moment and be the proponent of our aspirations. When in the end we will never be tired of some of the national media awareness that is present today. Sometimes I think people know what they are doing and it is not a mistake to have some of the law suits coming on the scene.

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