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Karrueche Makes Statements Against Chris Brown’s Daughter

Karrueche Tran supposedly posted a tweet in regards to Chris Brown’s daughter recently. In the post, Karrueche is referring to Chris Brown’s daughter as a mistake, and it even went on to be a bit offensive. Karrueche Posts. Karrueche claims that she has moved on, and she holds no ill will towards Chris, but if these posts are true, then it proves she still angry. It’s understandable that Karrueche would still be angry about her boyfriend fathering a child, especially after they spoke of having a child themselves.

Karrueche was blindsided by the news of Chris Brown having a child, and she found out through social media. A lady who had Chris a one night stand with found that Chris Brown is indeed the father of her child. The little girl that came out of the affair is named Royalty, contrary to how she was created. Royalty Brown as she will come to be known, is now officially the daughter of Chris Brown. It’s said that Chris wants Karrueche to stick around and help him raise his daughter, but Karrueche has moved on and wants nothing to do with Chris.

Karrueche’s statements on Twitter states that she’s not upset, but Chris has no right to ask her to babysit his child. Karrueche’s posts also go on to say that the baby was a mistake, and that it wasn’t Chris intention to have a child. To date, Chris and Karrueche are still broken up. Gianfrancesco and Teses agree that these statements were insensitive.

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