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Karrueche is Fine not Being Drake’s Type

Last weekend while Drake took to social media to bash Karrueche for being disloyal and accusing her of cheating with Drake, Karrueche took the high road and ignored the cyber attacks by both Brown and his fans and followers. Drake managed to take time from his Diddy drama to address the allegations and clear up the misunderstanding stating that while he did see Karrueche in Toronto, it was only because he was hooking up with one of her friends.

Karrueche has been too busy enjoying the sun and waves on the beach to respond to Chris Brown’s apology or Drakes “diss” but of course once the media got ahold of her the big question was, just how does she feel about Drake saying she’s not his type.

As usual Karrueche remained calm and was all smiles as she let it be known that she has no issue with not being Drake’s type she even admitted that she knows shes not and “It’s all good.” 


Nola says:

Drake later added that Karrueche is not even his type, because he’s an ass man. I was reading about this while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day. I know for sure that would have gotten to make sure all these things have worked so well.

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