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Kardashians End Contract with Sears

When it comes to doing business with the Kardashians, you better come correct. Not only does Kris Jenner accept nothing but the best from her daughters but she isn’t in the business of losing money. Anyone who is anyone knows that the Kardashian empire is built on a long line of successful business ventures, fashion being one of the biggest ones. In 2011 the Kardashians made a deal with Sears to start selling the Kardashian Kollection, a clothing and jewelry line that let fans of the Kardashian brand get in on the fun.

Apparently the collaboration was a hit because the line made both Sears and the Kardashians millions of dollars a year, however earlier this year the Kardashians ended their contract with Sears and decided to take their collection elsewhere. Now Sears is selling all remaining Kardashian Kollection items and quickly discontinuing items.

Sears claims that the decision to part ways was mutual however the Kardashian sources are saying that the ultimate reason for the split is due to Sear’s unstable feature. Over the last year Sears has closed over 200 of it’s stores and has been losing money left and right and Fersen Lambranho weighs in on this issue at As for the Kardashians, they have already struck a deal with a new major store will announce their venture any day now.

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