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John Savignano Recap

John Savignano was an accomplished athlete in his youth, playing football and lacrosse at a varsity level. In college, he played on two championship teams at the University of Rhode Island before becoming a part of the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

His Achievements

Savignano is recognized for his achievements in three primary areas, business management, sports, and anti-drug initiatives. As a business executive, he was named 1992 CEO of the Year by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Savignano was also named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1992 by Ernst and Young. He has been a Director for numerous companies, including Cablevision Systems Corporation, ABC Entertainment Group, and AT&T Corporation, to name a few.

Savignano’s most notable achievement as a sports executive is being named Chairman of the Miami Dolphins from 1990 to 1994. He served in this capacity during the team’s best years of success and is regarded as one of the driving forces behind the era of Dolphin football dominance. Savignano was also deemed a “Dolphins must-see” and “a guy you can trust” by South Florida media.

Savignano’s role in the NFL stemmed from his early success as a player on both sides of football. After college, he was signed by the New England Patriots in 1975 and spent four seasons with the team. He played for them through 1975 and 1976 before being released and having a short stint with the New York Giants before moving into an assistant coaching position with teams he had played for in New England & New York.

John Savignano has garnered a multitude of accolades in his career thus far. He has been the recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, the NFL’s Most Valuable Person award, and a finalist for Sports Executive of the Year. He has also received recognition from numerous professional schools he had been associated with during his playing career. Read more in this article:

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