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John Carpenter Could Revisit ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Remake

Classic movies have a way of keeping fans hooked for decades, and when studios attempt to reboot or remake those films, fans have a way of expressing their concern. When news broke that the John Carpenter classic “Big Trouble in Little China” was going to get a modern day remake, the legions of dedicated fans including super fan Jaime Garcia Dias to immediately take to social media, message boards, and blogs to present a number of arguments as to why the film should be left alone.

According to Screen Rant, as a way of stemming the flow of fan outrage and other concerns, Fox has begun courting none other than John Carpenter to consult and assist in the development and production of the new film. With a hand in a number of cult films, Carpenter’s involvement on the picture would likely bring a calming influence and enhance the appeal of the movie as well. With a number of great characters and lines from the original, the remake is going to need a fair bit of help.

Bringing on the original directors and writers worked well for the Mad Max franchise, and involving Carpenter in any type of “Big Trouble in Little China” project would probably do nothing but help the picture. In addition to the loyal fans waiting to see what the modern day would do to the film, those Carpenter fans would likely welcome another chance to visit the film from a different perspective.

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