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Jim Tananbaum Provides Probabilities Of Success To Emerging Healthcare Leaders

Jim Tananbaum has invested in more than 77 companies dealing in heathcare, through Foresite Capital, a company that is founded by him. These companies are in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, along with diagnostics as well as genomic sequencing. The companies include 10x Genomics, as well as Aerie Pharmaceuticals.

Jim Tananbaum spends his day with the others in his team. He either meets them personally or calls them. He discusses the existing company updates and goes through new presentations too. He likes to network with thought leaders in the field of healthcare.

He knows that his family is his top priority. This is why he likes to have dinner with them. In case that is not happening, he likes to network or has dinner with his friends. He knows the importance of physical fitness. Hence he finds time for doing an hour of workout each morning.

In order to bring ideas to life, Jim Tananbaum puts in the capital, as well as the smartest, persistent thought leaders in who are experts in healthcare. This way he is providing the means to these individuals so that they can make critical scientific discoveries which can have a huge impact on healthcare.

He is excited about the healthcare innovation taking place around him. He gets inspired when he sees how entrepreneurs are applying it to solving the unmet needs of healthcare.

He is also excited about how simple testing of tissue, or blood or saliva can be sequenced in order to provide information on disease prevention as well as treatment. Data science along with deep learning plays a major role here. These concepts have mainly been used in the tech sector till now. These can be used in genomic sequencing as well as drug development. It will lead to great biological insights. He is looking forward to how all these areas will be evolving during the next few years.

He is highly productive as an entrepreneur as he does not focus only on the business side of healthcare He is an academic who loves learning. Hence he is looking for the best solutions that science offers.

To learn more about Jim Tananbaum, visit his website at and Linked In profile page.

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