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Jessica Dean Attorney, Not A Faker

Jessica Dean is an attorney at the law firm of Dean, Omar, Branham, and Shirley. She is a licensed attorney in Tennessee. She has worked on many different cases throughout her career, including criminal, civil, and family law. Jessica is also an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee.

1. Philanthropy & Community Service

Jessica Dean attorney is an active member of the community. She has been an advocate for the homeless and disabled. She has also been a volunteer for many organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Volunteers of America, Pregnancy Centers, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Jessica has also served as a mentor to children in need through various ways.

2. Criminal Justice Reform

Jessica Dean attorney has been involved with educational reform throughout her career. As a young attorney, she was involved with Tennessee’s law school system. In 2013 she was involved in efforts to make it easier for low-income students to attend college. Jessica also works with NCPC on issues related to juvenile justice reform. She is on the board of directors for one of their partner organizations that focuses on victims’ rights issues and serves as a mentor to a young attorney working with these issues.

3. Awards And Recognition

Jessica Dean attorney has been awarded many different awards throughout her career, including being named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine. Also, she was named a Top 100 Lawyer by the American Bar Association. Dean has also received several awards for her academic achievements. She received the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award from the Tennessee Bar Association. She was named the Outstanding Professor for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education by the Tennessee Bar Association.

4. Legal Background

Dean has worked on many different cases throughout her career, including criminal, civil, and family law. She has also worked on appeals and defended cases where she is not able to do so. Dean has been involved in many trials throughout her career as well. She has defended lawsuits involving sexual assault and domestic violence against women and children.

Jessica Dean has a great passion for the law and her clients. She has also been a very successful lawyer in her career. She has developed a strong reputation as an advocate for her clients and has been able to help many of them achieve their goals. Jessica Dean attorney has worked hard to improve the quality of life for many people, and she will continue to work on these issues throughout her career.

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