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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Highest Grossing Actors of 2014

The highest paid actors in Hollywood are slots that seem to rotate with some frequency, and with all the back end deals relating to box office grosses the stars of the hot franchises seem to routinely make their way to the top. However, a few stars have helped their respective body of films gross a significant amount of money, which makes them some of the more coveted assets for any film company.

In 2014 Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were the top grossing stars of the movie industry, according to Screen Rant. Lawrence accomplished the lofty feat with help of the first part of the final Hunger Games franchise and having a huge role in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Pratt is probably well known as the wise-cracking Star Lord from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but also found himself the center of a universe with voice work as Emmet in “The LEGO Movie.” Lawrence’s films brought in $1.4 billion and Pratt’s movies grossed a combined $1.2 billion.

With all the money being paid out in Hollywood these days, it looks like both actors will be commanding significant raises for any future projects. I met the Business Investment genius Igor Cornelsen while in Brazil and he was talking about how culturally speaking, the concept of a bankable star is something that the film industry loves, and it makes a lot of sense that both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be among the highest paid actors in the industry within the next few years.


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