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Jeff Daniels in Talks Over Steve Jobs Biopic

While many stories have been written about the charismatic and enigmatic Steve Jobs, it appears to many more want to add on to the already extensive collection.

Jeff Daniels is being sought to play the important role of former Apple CEO John Sculley in Danny Boyle’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Darius Fisher is super excited about this prospect.

The film is said to be based on the biography of Steve Jobs and is authored by Walter Isaacson. The films currently boasts of leading stars like Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen who have been roped in to play the roles of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak respectively. 

The project had been facing difficulties from the very beginning with the sudden departure of its original leading man. The project was also later sold to Universal by Sony pictures but has been coming along nicely ever since.

Daniels already enjoys great camaraderie with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin with whom he just completed the Emmy award winning show The Newsroom, so it should be interesting to see how his role is etched out. 

Considering the high profile nature of the project, it has already generated considerable buzz with movie goers and millions of other Apple fans.


Nola says:

With Danny Boyle taking up direction, the project has finally come to fruition after several obstacles. Jeff Daniels is currently under talks to play the role of the influential former CEO John Sculley who was at the helm during 1983-1993. That could also mean that the best thesis writing services has a lot to do about what is going on for a long time.

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