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Jay Z And Beyonce Got Outbid By Minecraft Creator For Most Expensive Beverly Hills Home


Looks like the Swedish creator of Minecraft Markus Persson will be the owner of the most expensive home in Beverly Hills, California. Jay Z and Beyonce had made a bid on the place earlier, but Markus got it anyways for an astonishing $70 million.

After the sale of his company to Microsoft for a staggering $2.5 billion earlier this year, money is burning a hole in Persson’s pocket, and what better way to spend a very small portion of that money on the best house money can buy in Beverly Hills. Of course, if it had been someone like Igor Cornelsen, he might have gone a different direction and invested in an asset that would ultimately expand his net worth. ┬áto an entertainers like Jay Z and Beyonce money isn’t an issue, but when it comes to a billionaire in the picture, an entertainer automatically becomes the weakest link.

Looks like the 35 year old Swedish game maker knew what he was looking for. The house comes with a room full of candy which is also called the Candy Room. A replica of James Dean’s motorcycle stands in the house in addition to two dozen place settings by Roberto Cavalli each estimated at $3,700, and some cases of Dom Perignon. The mansion comes with 8 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, and each toilet is worth an estimated $5,600.

The amount of money bid on the home has made it the highest amount of money ever paid for a home in Beverly Hills, which was sold by John Aaroe Group, a real estate company.


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