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Jason Hope´s view of the Internet of Things and Slowing the Aging Process

Everyone knows Jason Hope and how he has become a huge online business owner. His guesses about the future of tech have always been spot on. Growing up in the Southwestern United States, Hope earned his degree in business. He has lots of experience in the stock market and is known to go above and beyond when it comes to philanthropy. Most of Jason Hope´s fame comes from his ability to see down the road of the progression of technology. A couple of his favorite themes to discuss are that of the Internet of Things and Anti-Aging technology. 

Jason Hope

Perhaps one of the fastest growing trends in technology today is the Internet of Things. This is the term that people are using to talk about the everyday things in our lives that are connected by way of wi-fi and bluetooth in our homes, cares, and and on our person. The successful investor and entrepreneur Jason Hope has stated that he believes everything will eventually be intertwined and able to communicate with each other in this way. 

Our lives and companies will continue to change rapidly. All the changes that have happened in technology thus far will only continue to change at a faster and faster rate. This will inevitably influence the quality of care that is able to be provided by health care professionals. People are going to live longer. Jason Hope predicts that homes will function more efficiently than ever. Things will be so easy that people will be able to concentrate on solving bigger problems with all the extra time and resources. Over eleven years ago, Hope made a huge uproar in the world of charity as he gifted a large anti-aging company a big chunk of money. He continues to be involved with this community and has proven to be a devoted and loyal believer of the anti-aging community.

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